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  • Feng Li - TOKYO FENGLI
  • Feng Li - TOKYO FENGLI
  • Feng Li - TOKYO FENGLI
  • Feng Li - TOKYO FENGLI
  • Feng Li - TOKYO FENGLI



Publication: Place M, 2023, limited to 800 copies.

Specifications: 30 x 22 cm, 46 pages.


— About the Book —

Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the photography gallery Place M has been in operation for 36 years. In June, we invited photographer Feng Li to participate in the exhibition "Flash Theater" at Place M. He spent nearly a month in Tokyo capturing images. Once the shooting was complete, the decision was made to promptly select photos for this book, leading to the publication of "Tokyo·Feng Li." This reminded me of *CAMP member Keizo Kitajima's snapshot collection "Shashin Tokkyubin" from the 1970s. Just like Feng Li's photography, Kitajima immediately created exhibitions and publications after shooting, releasing them monthly for a year. Similar to the coincidences and encounters abundant in Feng Li's photography, while enjoying cold beers at the photography bar *KODOJI on Shinjuku's Golden Street, we coincidentally encountered a tipsy Keizo Kitajima, who came to extend his stall.


Every day in Tokyo, Feng Li snapped pictures like a wild beast, leaving everyone exhausted. After each day's shoot, we immediately headed to the nearby 7-Eleven to print photos (once, due to printing too many, we actually ran out of photo paper at the convenience store). We then pasted the photos on the wall of the fourth-floor photography classroom at Place M for selection and editing.


During a conversation with Masato Seto, he evaluated Feng Li's photography as follows: "Photos have dual natures—surface and interior. Although mentioning the 'surface' in this context might carry a somewhat negative connotation, it doesn't apply to Feng Li's photography. The highly unified sense of flatness and vulnerability on the 'surface' precisely embodies the depth of his photographic works."

This lightweight, zine-like photography collection features 46 images that still bear Feng Li's distinctive style—even though it's his first time capturing Tokyo's streets. From a drunken man under a flashbulb to Daido Moriyama smoking, from city center graveyards to Cai Guo-Qiang's fireworks, Feng Li engages in a cross-temporal dialogue with his own photography and the Japanese photographic predecessors.


出版物:Place M,2023年,限量发行800本。

规格:30 x 22厘米,46页。


— 关于本书 —

位于东京新宿的摄影画廊Place M已经营36年。在6月份,我们邀请摄影师冯立参加了Place M的“快闪剧场”展览。他在东京度过了近一个月的时间拍摄照片。拍摄完成后,我们迅速选取照片出版了《东京·冯立》这本书。这让我想起了*CAMP成员北岛敬三在1970年代的快照集《照片特快专递》。就像冯立的摄影作品一样,北岛敬三在拍摄后立即举办展览和出版物,并在一年内每月发布一次。就像在新宿的Golden Street上的摄影酒吧*KODOJI喝着冷啤酒时,我们偶然遇到了喝醉醺醺的北岛敬三,他来延展他的小摊一样,冯立的摄影中充满了巧合和相遇。


在东京的每一天,冯立都像一头狂野的野兽般拍摄照片,让每个人都筋疲力尽。每天拍摄结束后,我们立即前往附近的7-Eleven打印照片(有一次,由于打印了太多照片,我们实际上在便利店用完了照片纸)。然后,我们将照片贴在Place M四楼的摄影教室的墙上进行选择和编辑。





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